Florida doctor arrested and charged in Bay County

lloydFlorida doctor arrested and charged in Bay County
John Derrick Lloyd, DOB 8/19/69.

Lloyd turned himself in to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday, February 23, 2013, on a warrant issued by the BCSO on a charge of Perjury. Lloyd was an expert witness in the recent Foxworth Aggravated Child Abuse trialMORE IN THIS WEEKS PRINT EDITION OF THE COUNTY PRESS

BCSO Report Prepared by R. Corley with Information by Inv. A. Willis
John Lloyd, PhD, CPE specializes in biomechanics of head and brain injury, which may be the result of various impacts,  including falls, shaking baby syndrome (SBS), motor vehicle accidents, and football concussion / helmet protection.
Dr. Lloyd is Senior Researcher at the Biomechanics and Traumatic Brain Injury laboratories at the Tampa VA hospital, where he conducts brain injury research. His scientific discoveries have been published in many journal articles, book chapters and presented at leading conferences.
John has served as an expert on a number of civil and criminal cases, with testimony experience in several states.
Areas of Expertise:
Dr. Lloyd’s expertise encompasses Biomechanics of Head and Brain Injury including:
Biomechanics of Falls
Auto & Motorcycle Accidents
Alleged Child Abuse (Shaken Baby Syndrome)
Football concussion / Helmet protection

Education and Certifications:
PhD – Ergonomics, Loughborough University, England, UK.
BSc (Hons) – Ergonomics, Loughborough University, England, UK.
M.Erg.S. – Registered Member of The Ergonomics Society
CPE – Board Certified Ergonomist (#725)
CBIS – Certified Brain Injury Specialist

Dr. John Lloyd holds a PhD in Ergonomics from Loughborough University in England, and is Board Certified throughout the United States as a Certified Professional Ergonomist (No. 725).

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  1. paula
    September 14, 2014 at 4:36 AM

    Dr LLoyd is an honest man who has devoted his life to brain injury research, and helping to prevent brain injury.The Tampa D.A. was pissed that he lost the case, and filed trumped up charges which the courts dismissed , and cleared Dr. LLoyd of all charges.This is another case of a dishonest D.A..

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