Three arrests made in the SPRINGFIELD SHOOTING

It has been reported to The COUNTY PRESS that three arrests have been made in connection with the Jerry Morris, Kataro Jackson and Marquez Robinson.

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Jerry  Morris has been identified as the shooter… AS REPORTED BY SPRINGFIELD POLICE CHIEF Thorne.

Jerry Morris: charged with robbery with a firearm and homicide.

Katari Jackson: charged with homicide, robbery with a firearm, and aggravated battery.

Marquez Robinson: charged with homicide, principal to purchase schedule one drug.

Following their first appearances on Sunday, all are being held in the Bay County Jail without bond.

The arrests follow come a shooting that killed Christopher Shane Purswell, 19, and injured Branden John Junlakan, 22.  Purswell was pronounced dead at the scene; Junlakan was shot in the head and is being treated at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.



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