scam_320x240SCAM ALERT
On 03-04-2013 an alert citizen called the Marianna Police Department asking that we warn the public about a scam attempt made upon her this morning.  The un-named Marianna citizen received a call in which the caller, with a foreign accent, identified himself as an employee of the United States Government and said that all senior citizens were about to receive new Medicare cards and he was calling to assist in expediting the receipt of her card.  He then asked her about her bank, her bank account, and asked her to read the numbers off the bottom off a blank check to him.  Our alert citizen was on her toes though, and realized that his questions were part of a “phishing” scam to gain her account number, and she promptly ended the call.  This alert citizen asked the Marianna Police Department to ensure that all seniors be made aware of this scam so that no one might become a victim of check fraud or some other form of identity theft.
The Marianna Police Department and all law enforcement have the highest praise for alert citizens who accept their civil responsibility and watch out for the wellbeing of their fellow man and report such scams.  If you believe you have been the target of a scam; please do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can get the word out and make it possible to prevent victimization. March 04, 2013

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