In Jeb Bush’s Immigration Mishmash, One Thing’s Clear: 2016 Race Is On

by S.V. Dáte

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

Mark Humphrey/AP

If Nov. 7 brought pangs of withdrawal from the end of the presidential race — good news!

The next one has already started.

Witness last week’s dust-up over the American Conservative Union’s failure to invite New Jersey’s Chris Christie, one of the most popular Republican governors in the country, to its annual Conservative Political Action Conference. And if that flew under the radar, this week’s book tour launch by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has removed all doubt that the countdown to Iowa has begun.

Bush and conservative lawyer Clint Bolick jumped squarely into a major national debate with their release of Immigration Wars. Given Bush’s name ID, his fundraising ability and his stature within the Republican Party, the book would have created buzz regardless of what it said. FOR MORE GO TO…..


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