The murder of Christopher Purswell described as an “EXECUTION, his funeral is today, Wednesday

“These guys are cold-blooded killers,” Major Tommy Ford of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office reported during a news conference held Tuesaday at the BCSO Hey 77 HQ..
Capt. Jimmy Stanford of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office praised the work of more than 20 homicide and narcotics investigators from his office and the Springfield Police Department along with road deputies and office staff members who worked several days straight on the investigation. He added….“This was not an easy case to solve” ….and it was done by a dedicated teams of more than tenty-four officers from the BCSO and Pringfield Police Department, working 24 hours a day.
 “We’ve got two groups of thugs, but just because you are a thug doesn’t mean you deserve to be killed,” was an addition comment from Chief Philip Thorne, Springfield Police Department.
team 4Damon Washington (20) of Bob Sikes Drive, Panama City, has been charged with an open count of murder and robbery. Investigators clarified that is was Washington and not Morris who entrapped Purswell and Junlakan and took them to the site of the murder.
team 5It was also disclosed that the perps in this case did not have cash to purchase the drugs, and so the murder could be described as an “execution”.
Junlakan was ruched to a Pensacola hospital, for treatment and later later released.
The funeral for 19-year old Christopher Purswell will be held today, Wednesday.

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